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VAB T2013 canon de 20 mm IFV amp APC
Soviet Union (1985) Infantry Fighting Vehicle - 2000+ built The last Soviet IFV The BMP-3
Otokar "Arma TZA" APC/ACV, with "Mizrak-30" turret. (Otokar Otomotiv Turkey).
Pandur II
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Stryker ICV front q.jpg
IDF Kilshon ARM and M4 Sherman launcher
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Véhicule blindé de combat d'infanterie
ZSU-23-4 Shilka tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft gun technical data
German Dutch Boxer wheeled armoured personnel carrier
Enter Merkava Namer Trophy APS
M51 Latrun
Koevoet Casspir APC armed with a 20mm Hispano cannon at Oluno Ovambo training base, Ondangwa 1984 – With permission from J. Durand
Former M59 APC ...
An Australian Mk.I derived 3-in (76.2 mm) Mortar Carrier.
... this is what it looks like ...
... including the Type 87 six-wheeled armoured car and the Type 89 IFV. Another excellent issue, and proof of the progress in production of Tankette.
Merkava Mk II of the Israeli army destroyed by Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon 2006 M1 Abrams
The Tridon 40mm L/70 is the gun system of Bofors installed on Volvo 725
Donar 155 mm self-propelled howitzer autonomous air deployable technical data sheet specifications description information
NationStates | Dispatch | Equipment of the Royal Armed Forces of Greater-Egypt
tank in use
I've written up a couple of GURPS profiles for vehicles in the past - namely the M2/M3 Bradley IFV, the M113 APC, and most recently the M24 "Chaffee" light ...
91st Schrott Experimental Regiment. Pic heavy. @ 2013/12/28 00:37:26
Awesome Personnel Carrier
CAESAR self-propelled howitzer - Image: CAESAR (camion équipé d'un système
The Guide Lamp FP-45 Pistol
Actores ACÁ construyen visión compartida del gremio de la mano de Corpovisionarios
As we are working through a series of articles on how one should construct characters in the service of the Brotherhood of Nod's war machine, ...
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As you can see the lower frontal glacis (green area) has less armor then the upper part, reason for this is that tanks are designed to sit “hull down” and ...
Comparison of the rear hulls and cooling systems of an Eland Mk6 and a Panhard AML.
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I recently wrote a blog post about changes in how I would be handling certain martial arts styles in the future, since I had recently ironed out some ...
The genome determines the strategy of the species, especially because genes fix the average size of a given species, as well as the number of follicles ...
The 4 Special Ops soldiers got inside the armored UAZ, with them was the high level officer they were escorting to the meeting in Al-Tanf, which was not ...
Rhino G6-45 during trials at Riemvasmaak, South Africa 1987 – With permission from JJ van Rensburg
Wij wensen u en allen die u dierbaar zijn alvast gezellige feestdagen en een TOP, Gezond & Voortvarend 2019
Really, it (and GURPS Traveller) do have design rules that, while slanted towards starships, could be used to create a few terrestrial machines, ...
Lately, I have been working a little on a modern-day GURPS game setting. Of course, I turned to GURPS High Tech in search of equipment for the squad to ...
Battling Brexit: How a group of Brits in Europe took on the fight for citizens
Tuin en Landschap
The Tiberian Dawn game setting I am working on deals with a conflict that begins in 1999, which is classically TL8. Most of my choices in equipment reflect ...
abstract P3) IL-18 genotype frequencies
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Molecular Scheme Regulating Cellular Reprogramming of Embryonic Stem Cells into Functionally Specialized Adult Cells.
Because the chassis can never really be armored well enough to thwart modern anti-tank weapons, the Rekeb relies on size, speed and mobility to reduce the ...
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Enlever Les Cernes Sans Maquillage 3 Ans