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The VGo robot attends work or school while you stay home
On display at CTIA in New Orleans this week, the VGo is a form of technology called robotic telepresence that allows a user to see, hear, talk and wander ...
VGo Is a Robot That Goes to School or Work for You [PICS]
But Kip Robins with the Region VI Education Service Center heard about Cristian and knew he had an available solution.
The VGo robot attends work or school while you stay home
Student uses VGo to Attend Class while Undergoing Chemotherapy | VGo robotic telepresence for healthcare, education and business
Ohio student Nick navigates the halls and classrooms on his own from home via VGo Robot. Nick is unable to attend school because of Duchenne muscular ...
One Summers County elementary school student is the first in the state to attend class through the use of a robot. VGo Communications
We recently told you about telecommuting robots and how stay-at-home workers are increasingly using such devices to create a virtual presence at their ...
a robot's help
VGo at CES 2012
Max LaDue, a seventh-grader at The School for Creative Studies, missed more than 100 days of school last year due to chronic stomach migraines, ...
Homebound student Lyndon Baby attends class using his VGo Robotic Telelpresence System Kitchen Robot, Social
Kearns High School and Operation Kids Robot Service Project
The "VGo Robot" - it allows this young boy Devon to attend school from his home because of his "potentially fatal" allergies. I just watched this story on ...
Robot allows boy to 'attend' school during chemo
"One of the biggest advantages to the VGo Robot is instead of being stationary on
Cancer patient attends school with VGo thanks to classmates VGo is robotic telepresence for healthcare,
student with chronic illness uses VGo robot “
For some students, attending school isn't possible
Click here to watch the video.
Hospitalized Mount Olive teen stays in school via a special robot
vgo robot. (Telepresence droids) The idea of the robot is that he can
Verizon Powerful Answers - VGo Robotic Telepresence
Cris Colaluca and his VGo robot will graduate Tuesday from Mohawk Area High School. The Bessemer resident has been attending school remotely using the ...
Elementary School uses VGo for several students with special health needs
Robot helps a Davie seventh-grader attend school #VGo School Levels, Technology Integration
VGo Robotic Telepresence on display at Children's Hospital Boston Innovation Day.
My classmate, the robot: NY pupil attends school remotely
Aidan attends class despite a suppressed immune system by using VGo Robotic Telepresence!
Credit: iRobot
Cris Colaluca, a senior at Mohawk Area High School, demonstrates how to use a VGo robot. Colaluca, who attends school remotely using a robot, donated one of ...
The VGo is housed at the school and LaDue uses a laptop while at home to steer the telerobot through the hallways and to his classrooms.
'I didn't do my homework because I ran out of batteries.' Stepan Supin's surrogate interacts with his teacher. AFP Photo/Alexander Nemenov
The #VGO #robot technology allows users to see and hear each other thanks to
Student uses VGo to Attend Class while Undergoing Chemotherapy | VGo robotic telepresence for healthcare,
My classmate, the robot: NY pupil attends school remotely
Illness Forces Boy To Use Robot For School -So, this robot keeps Conrad up to date on all his school work - going anywhere Conrad needs to go.
Vgo Is Your Own Robot Avatar
Knox City (Texas) student Lyndon Baty attends class through his VGo robot. Baty
Montreal Children's Hospital uses VGo Robot to help children admitted for treatment to stay in touch with family
Girl battling chronic illness gets help with school work from high-tech robot | kens5
Lexie “
VGo remote presence robot image of head and full body.
Leslie Morissette turned her personal tragedy into positive energy after the death of her 8-
VGo Robotic Telepresence System is changing the way people communicate!
student with chronic illness uses VGo robot
Pediatric cancer patients connect through a robot | MD Anderson Cancer Center
Baylor University now using VGo to enrich curriculum for children's grades across Texas, and perhaps the nation!
Two Texas students homebound and hospital bound due to illness use VGo robots to attend school. #VGoRobots #EduTech #telehealth #telepresence Learn more ...
student with chronic illness uses VGo robot The ...
... illnesses that keep them out of the classroom for extended periods of time, the consequences can reach beyond simply falling behind in their education.
Students with extended illness, injuries, disabilities and immune deficiencies attend school without leaving home. For some students, attending school isn't ...
A Swiveling Proxy That Will Even Wear a TutuA Swiveling Proxy That Will Even Wear a Tutu. Image. Lexie Kinder remotely maneuvered her VGo robot down the ...
VGo telepresence robot with specifications listed.
Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus 99996212-us Robotic Cleaner With Powerstream | Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews
Alice Drive Elementary
'I call it Bob': Robot helps girl fighting cancer stay in school
Devon Carrow attends school from home while operating a robot in the classroom, in Orchard
Jilly DeStephano talks with her friends via a robot from home during social studies class at
'V-Go' The Robot Keeps Teen Current In Class While Fighting Cancer – CBS New York
Lacking major changes, the ongoing U.S. healthcare crisis will continue. A lack of trained medical and clinical professionals, increased demand due to ...
Florida third-grader uses robot to virtually attend school from home
Tipron - The Transforming Internet Connected Projection Robot
VGo wins at MassTLC's 18th annual Technology Leadership ...
VGo robotic telepresence for healthcare, education and business
Because of the versatility of VGo, it is being used in a variety of applications in pediatrics. With VGo, a clinician, patients and family members can ...
VGo, Business telepresence robot, VGo Communications
Robot fills in at school for local girl who's battling cancer | KWTX Texas #telepresence
How to Attend Next Week's RoboBusiness Conference as a Robot - Anywhere u ...
Cris Colaluca continues to go to school with his VGo
Utah Teens Raise Funds to Provide Children's Medical Center With VGo Robot
OMG – I want my own VGo robot avatar! Healthcare Design, Latest Technology,
VGo robot head showing image on the robots screen
VGo telepresence robots show from two front angels and a side-view
Life-threatening allergies keep 7-year-old Devon Carrow out of his suburban
JIBO is the real deal, from social robots pioneer Cynthia Breazeal. JIBO can't wait to meet you.
Audi Robotics Telepresence (ART) - customized VGo robot for Audi technicians to use
Lexi Kinder uses VGo robot to virtually attend school
If he has his act together, Lyndon has already powered on in the copy room by the time the bell for first period rings, and has already begun the long, ...
In November 2014, Rachel Metz at the MIT Technology Review wrote about the K5 security
They showed off VGo robots being used as receptionists. They also showed people who used the VGo to work remotely.
VGo at Armstrong Browning Library - Baylor
Double Robotics - Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters
Surgeons at Maasatricht UMC+ used a robotic device developed at TU/e to suture vessels
Nashua-based VGo will provide a “telemedicine” robot on the sidelines of Dartmouth College's home football games, as part of a remote concussion assessment ...
The adorable robot from Ecovacs Robotics. He's got big plans with you this summer.
“What are you working on,” Watt whispered as Cristian turned arou ...