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So true lol. I was just thinking this the other day with the 80 degree difference we had in weather from last week to this weekend here in Ohio
< < this is so weird, but I like it. It's tumblr
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I hate it when im on school when I turn into squidwar
All Harry had to do was to disguise himself.
I don't even bother to watch all the other movies like this cuz they are not good
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What is going on?
Hello, brother #marvel #thor #loki | Marvel universe | Pinterest | Loki, Marvel and Thor
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Correction: I will give them a hug I'm not scared.I will give Natsu food Erza strawberry cake and Juvia a Gray-Sama and Gajeel.
Bogi Kovács
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Yaaassss o my god lmao yaaaasssss
"This drink, I like it! ANOTHER!" #thor by Brianna Garcia (instagram.com/briannacherrygarcia) #briannagarcia
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I feel like they dressed her up like her just to take a pic and make this caption
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Do u like Jake on the Naeverlanx Pirates or Peter Pan?
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Angel Brianna Junn
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LOL made me laugh
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I will feel like this sometimes. It has nothing to do with you ... and if it does, I WILL let you know.
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there's always that one non band kid.
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I had to get about 20 replacements because I kept Chewing on them and they kept getting lost.
This kid. I would be his friend.
Hey now, you're an all star
Is this Alfred F Jones?
I WANNA DO THIS OMG PLEEEEEAAASEE Mulan Halloween Costume, Mulan Costumes, Halloween Costumes For
Like, wtf!I'll walk away lol. I don't wanna even engage & will go outta my way to avoid you. Creeps me out.
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Ignoring the last three comments the first three things are helpful < < < The last three are funny!
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How To Get A Man To Miss You Like Crazy
Lololol @Hollie Baker A L E Y | V A N | L I E W Mann @Briana O'Higgins O'Higgins O'Higgins O'Higgins W
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yo but eustace was straight up fuckin around
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Deadass me all the time like why tf do I be thinkin a vacuum cleaner gonna suck in a bag lime wth
Brianna Garcia on Twitter: "“T.H. squared” #loki #spiderman #ACEComicCon… "
27+ Memes That As Fresh As Your Morning - Page 2 of 3 - LADnow
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Haha...what? xD
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