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Middenheim marches North Page 7 Dioramas
Middenheim marches North - Page 7
Middenheim marches North - Page 2
Middenheim marches North
Middenheim marches North - Page 6
Middenheim marches North - Page 7
Middenheim marches North - Page 3
Middenheim marches North - Page 7 Warhammer Empire, Warhammer Fantasy, Fantasy Miniatures, Modeling
Middenheim marches North
Middenheim halberdiers.
Middenheim marches North - Page 3 Page 3, Dioramas, Empire, Bands, Diorama
First unit I made was the halberdiers. I have always liked them and especially in big units. But for a horde of 40 men you have to make some unit fillers.
So here's the unit painted. I'm really happy with the flag, it turned out surprisingly well.
Middenheim marches North
Middenheim marches North
Middenheim swordsmen
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Darksouls for Mordheim
Middenheim youngbloods
The Coreheim Mordheim Log - Page 21
Lord Oswalt of SwithingKeep
Second row can handle the riding better than these guys:
Crooked villains and greedy wenches
Página Middenheim. Brutal
Bretonnian Grail Knight - converted
Last night I finally managed to get my White Wolf Demigryph cavalry (converted from Thunderwolves) to the point where I'm happy to call .
Some closeups on the cage
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Mordheim Possessed Brethren
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Thanquol & BoneRipper - Skaven - The End Times (2)
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The Coreheim Mordheim Log - Page 21
Goblin Wolf Chariots Miniatures, Wolf, Warhammer Fantasy, Goblin, Destruction, Dioramas,
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Possessed mordheim brethren.
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Middenheim marches North
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Waterfront Mordheim. battle is in full swing! - Page 3
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Middenheim marches North - Page 2 Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Fantasy Miniatures, Mini
WilhelMiniatures: OUTGARD. The warband of Johan Egerkrans (from the blog Convertorum)
vengeance librarian - Google-Suche
Dramatis personæ - Mordheim.
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Pistoliers de Middenheim
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Warhammer Fantasy "Forge World Manann's Blades" as Halberdier with Averland colors.
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Second row can handle the riding better than these guys:
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