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Detail of the Celtic gold torc found at the village of Vix
Detail of the Celtic gold torc, 480 BCE. Found in a female's grave at the village of Vix, the Côte-d'Or department, northeastern Burgundy.
Detail of the Celtic gold torc found at the village of Vix, the Côte-d'Or department, northeastern Burgundy, in a female's grave dating back to 480 BCE.
Celtic Gold Torque - Vix, Franc, 480 BC Art of the Celts, Historic Museum of Bern This voluminous jewelry was found in the grave of a powerful women, ...
Solid gold oval knob. Detail of 07-01-02/30. Diadem with a lion's paw and winged horse on a filigree stand, from the tomb "Lady of Vix" (6th BCE), Burgundy.
Celtic Gold Torque found in Portugal Medieval Jewelry, Viking Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Viking
Iron age torc's just found in a Yorkshire stream bed. Gold of course! Medieval
Gold Celtic torc with three 'balusters' and decoration including animals, found in Glauberg, Germany, 400 BC
Gold Torc Ireland
The Vix Torc (pictured) however is just as grandiose as the Krater. Made
Famous Torcs
Detail of the Celtic gold torc found at the village of Vix, the Côte-d'Or department, northeastern Burgundy, in a female's grave dating back to 480…
The horses (detail) on the Diadem of Lady Vix BC)
Blair Drummond Looped Terminal Torc, Iron Age, 300-100 BC. Gold alloy
... Gold-Torc-Ireland (4)
Detail of a gold torque (neckband) found at Erstfeld, Uri, Switzerland (
Gold torc from the Snettisham hoard L. Iron Age, around 75 BC. From Ken Hill, Snettisham, Norfolk, England . or Late Iron Age?
The Snettisham Torc Iron Age, about 75 BC Found at Ken Hill, Snettisham,
The most significant find of the excavation was the woman he found buried there. She was found sitting up on a chariot, with a torc still on her neck.
(Celts) Two twisted Gold torcs from the Stirling Hoard, Stirlingshire, Scotland, circa BCE. I've seen these torques in all my books of ancient Celtic art.
Gold torc from the Orense culture Gold torc Orense culture, north-western Spain 2nd
Great Torc from Snettisham
THE PEGASUS TORC Gold torc, decorated with winged horses on filigree pedestals and lion paws, from the burial of a Celtic Lady at Vix (Burgundy), ...
gold lunula: from A History of Ireland in 100 Objects – Coggalbeg gold hoard,. Find this Pin and more on Celtic Torcs ...
Vix Grave
Detail of the golden torques the princely tomb of Reinheim, second half of the fifth
8.20 Gold bar Torcs from Derrinaboy hoard, Offaly Ancient Jewelry, Bronze Age, Art
Two amateurs using metal detectors have discovered four gold torques from more than years ago in a field near the town of Leek in central England.
Staffordshire Strikes Gold With Iron Age Find
Gold-Torc-Ireland (3) ...
Visite collection | Musée du Pays Châtillonnais - Trésor de Vix
Celtic Princess or Priestess in Germany | Jewels found in the tomb of a princess in
Irish bronze Age Torc
Face b
Detail from a Torc from Northern Portugal illustrating the corrosion of the surface. On display
Bronze dragonesque fibula of the Duchov type, variant Carzaghetto, found in a Celtic tomb 145 in Arbedo.
Torcs are metal rings worn around the neck. They often suggest nobility. Torcs were very important to the ancient Celtic culture, and Gods/Goddesses are ...
Ipswich Torc detail,gold Celtic. See more. NewarkTorc Electrum, Anglo Saxon, Viking Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Sell Gold, Ancient
Gold made diadem of the lady of Vix 550 and 450 before JC
The Vix krater[edit]
Torc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Near-permanent neck ring (Also spelled torque
Detail of the Glauberg Jug, Germany, c500 BC Celtic Art, Art Styles,
The detail found on this is incredible. The same photograper as before took another picture
Detail of a gold buffer torque, Italy, 4th century BC Eisenzeit, Antiker Schmuck
Древо жизни. Медальон.
Bronze Age Gold: Treasures from the National Museum of Ireland | Irish Archaeology | Celtic Torcs | Pinterest | Bronze age, National museum and Archaeology
Golden torque / Hallstatt culture, century BC Early and prehistory / jewellery. Grave find from Uttendorf / Austria. Linz, Museum of Upper Austria.
Lady of Vix
Ancient Irish torc necklace with close-up detail of hand engraving, 2000 BC,
Torque Burela
Anse de cratère à volutes : gorgone
Reconstruction of the Brno flagon | Celtic vessels. 20th century. Brno, Moravian Museum
The reverse side of a Celtic bronze mirror from Desborough, Northants, England, showing the development of the spiral and trumpet decorative theme of the ...
Gold Bronze Age spiral torc
Vix palace, late 6th century B.C.
Lady of Vix
Mounted Warrior Amazone Goddess with oval shield depicted on the reverse of a Celtic gold stater
Sculpture of an armoured torc-wearing Gaul warrior, Vachères, France. Gaul Warrior
Bronze chain girdle / Celtic Pre– and early history: Celtic artefacts. Detail of a bronze chain girdle from Stradonice.
Bronze Disc in the La Tene style Celtic Designs, Celtic Patterns, Viking Designs,
akg-images. Detail of a Celtic bronze torque ...
Gaulic torc
In some parts thick heavy torcs were common, whereas in others delicate, intricate designs have been found.
Gold torc, V ac - IV ac, Iron Age
Gundestrup Cauldron silver, partly gilded) of the late Celtic La Tène period BCE, found in a peat bog in Denmark but may have been made in Gaul.
Lady of Vix. Celtic
Leekfrith Torcs
HALLSTATT CULTURE ORNAMENT 6TH BCE A water-fowl. Spout of a bronze jug with
Cratère de Vix. Cratère à volutes (vase à boisson). Vers 530 av
The firedog was discovered in 1852 by a man digging a ditch in a peat field near the village Capel Garmon in county Conwy, north Wales. Ancient Celts SCA
Castle museums in Linz ( Upper Austria ). Archeological collection: Celtic fibula from Hallstatt, Hallstatt culture - detail.
Celtic warrior in the hunting scene from the Letnitza treasure (Lovech region), Bulgaria
Detail of a torc from the Ipswich Hoard. Image Caption, Celtic Art, Ancient
Considered to be the most impressive ever found, Tara Brooch is a Celtic brooch of about 700 AD
Rare Celtic “Rainbow Cup” Gold Stater, 2nd-1st Century BC
Glauberg Jug, Germany, c500 BC. Ancient Celts SCA
celts - silver torque (Kunst der Kelten, Historisches Museum Bern) by Cåsbr on…
LOT OF 2 Nature Impressions Celtic Music CD Celtic Instrumental Irish Relaxation #Celtic
The 1953 Vix Grave[edit]
Celtic parade helmet, Agris, France, about 350 BC.
Detail of battle between a Celtic warrior and monster on the Braganza brooch
Gold Vix's Tomb 6th century B.C. Musée du Châtillonnais, Châtillon-sur-Seine This golden jewel is a band that was part of the set belo.
Sedgeford Torc
Lady of Vix
repro Hallstatt Necklace: Replica of Find from Hallstatt Culture, Austria Century CE
Balkancelts 4 hrs · Happy Cows :) One of the finest of late Iron Age Celtic torcs (silver/iron), with terminals fashioned in the shape of cow heads, ...
The Hochdorf drinking horn (iron with sheet gold ornaments, capacity litres) A number of early Cletic (Hallstatt culture) specimens are known, ...
Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity.
A bronze disc from the pre-Christian era, found near Derry - the triple spiral symbol is often associated with Gaelic pagan holy sites. Celts - Coach Purses ...