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Artilleryman WWI 1914 1918 Wwi World
Artilleryman, WWI
Photos of German Artillerymen Training During World War 1 (1917-1918)
events, First World War / WWI, 1914 - 1918, Additional-Rights-Clearences-NA
WWI, Feb 1918; Canadian Artillerymen getting their gun into position. Library and Archives
CANADIAN FORCES IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR Description: Canadian artillerymen add an early seasonal message to a shell for their 60 pounder field gun on the ...
World War I officially began on July 28, 1914, after all the great powers of Europe formed two camps and issued declarations of war.
First World War / WWI, Western front, German artillerymen with 15 cm heavy field howitzer 13, group picture, 1918, people, men, man, male, military, army, ...
The First World War: German artilleryman wearing his gas mask whilst in a battery position near Les Boeufs on the Somme. #worldwarone #history
events, First World War / WWI, Western Front, 1915 - 1918, German artillery in firing position, Champagne, France, circa 1917, military, Germany, soldier, ...
events, First World War / WWI, Eastern Front, Galicia, Austrian artillerymen eating
World War I (1914-1918). New German infantry uniform. Engraving,
WWI, 5 April 1918; Artillerymen resting in a hollow behind their guns in the
... War Photographs. Three British artillerymen photographed in a makeshift studio near the front
New Zealand artillerymen in action, 1st of January 1918, The Butte, Belgium. (Colourised by Royston Leonard)
events, First World War / WWI, 1914 - 1918, Additional-Rights-Clearences-NA
world war i, German soldiers, howitzer, ww1, wwi, world war one
Portuguese Army on the Western Front
History World War I · Italian artillerymen drag cannons up the mountains.
An artilleryman long dead still servicing his gun. WWI
British Artillerymen | World War I (1914-1918) | Wwi, British army uniform, British uniforms
German WWI 1914-18
Photos of French Soldiers During World War 1 (1914-1918)
events, First World War / WWI, 1914 - 1918, Additional-Rights-Clearences-NA
Technology during World War I
events, First World War / WWI, Western Front, British artillerymen Stock Photo: 19895537 - Alamy
... artilleryman AH 5th Army on the Iszono Front 1915. Displaying Medals of Bravery and Mobilization Cross & marksmanship badge for artillery gunners. WW1.
An artilleryman with the post for his battery; near Aveluy, September 1916
Boxart Infantry (1914) 35673 ICM
Equipment of the Royal Field Artillery in the 1914 to 1918 War.
German artillerymen pose for a photo in their winter clothing, World War I. Triple
StMihiel Artilleryman
Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, 1918-20: Artilleryman in winter dress
Early WWI German Artilleryman Ww2 Uniforms, German Uniforms, Military Uniforms, Ww1 Soldiers,
Unknown WW1 Artilleryman
Image may contain: 8 people, people standing and outdoor
WWI:"A wounded Belgian artilleryman after having his wounds dressed, ready for another
Austro-hungarian Alps soldiers pose for a photo. World War One, First World
Carte Postale Postcard 1914-1918 Dessin De Soldats Allemands Dans Les Tranchées Ww1 Art,
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1st World War, British Soldiers, 1914-1918, historical re-enactment WW1
Soldiers from the Royal Artillery man their 105mm light guns at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, as they fire 100 rounds before falling silent as the clock strikes ...
Album consisting of 43 snapshots, taken in France, by a German artilleryman, 1914-1916. Contains photographs of transports, portraits and soldiers relaxing ...
GERMAN ARMY WESTERN FRONT 1914-1915 (Q 53729) A Signaller carrying Line equipment up to the forward area.
Photos of Belgian Soldiers Fighting During World War 1 (1914)
A British soldier helps a wounded German prisoner walk along a railway track, 1916.
New Zealand artillerymen firing an 18 pound gun in snowy conditions on the Butte, Belgium. January 1, 1918. Photograph taken by Henry Armytage Sanders.
Dead WW1 German Artilleryman and horses. 1914-18. (BSLOC 2012 4 61)
Pre War group of Artillerymen. The RA " Girdle" belt on the seated soldier
Ahead of many other makers, Peter Laing produced 15mm WW1 figures of many of these nations.
50+ Colorized Photographs Of German Soldiers During World War I | WWI a color | Pinterest | German, Wwi and German army
carrying, world war i, German soldier, British prisoners, ww1, wwi, world war one
World War I prisoners of war in Germany
A British artilleryman from the 'Lost Tommie' Collection, circa 1915. World War · World War OneWwiWorld ...
1915 Artilleryman with Saber and Pistol Signed Photo | eBay -- RUSSIAN EMPIRE. Reign
British Army uniform and equipment in World War I
A Prussian NCO and his recently awarded Iron Cross | WW1 1914-1918 | Pinterest | Wwi, World War I and World war one
World War I, German soldier in winter dress, circa 1914-1918. World
World War I. WWImontage.jpg
French artillerymen watch as a captured German Parseval-Siegsfeld balloon is re-inflated and sent skywards, on the Somme Front in 1916.
Poilus, World War One, 1914 1918, Wwi, Junya Watanabe, World War I, France, History, Outfit
World War 1 in East Asia. Japanese artillerymen awaiting telephone orders from headquarters before the bombardment ...
La journée du poilu, 1914 #WW1 Hector Jonas, Jonas La, Ww1 Posters
First World War / WWI, communications zone, German engineer during construction of a fortified position in the vicinity of a factory, 1914 / 1915, ...
Major John Mackenzie VC DCM (22 November 1871 – 17 May 1915) was a
WWI, 21 March Domèvre-sur-Vezouze, Little post.
Studio portrait depicting three artillerymen from 2. Rheinisches Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr.23 taken in Mülhausen early 1915
An American hero in WW1 had the amazing ability to sense approaching mustard gas
“If father's gone, keep smiling” – considering the children of the First World War
1st First World War 1 historical re-enactment privates and officer soldier soldiers British military khaki uniform uniforms
World War I, Regimental Standard presented to the defenders of Gaza, who who repulsed
ww1, 1915 italian artillerymen by AndreaSilva60 ...
The British Army Prior To the First World War Royal Horse Artilleryman in marching order,
WWI; French artillerymen prepare ot fire a massive 340mm mortar on the Western Front.
WWI, 1918. An artilleryman (in the Royal Field Artillery) sits underneath his 8 pounder field gun for protection. The image was taken near the Somme.
Instagram post by Grande Guerra 1914 - 1918 • Aug 11, 2016 at 9:01pm UTC
Battle of the Somme, 'En avant', French soldiers going forward.
World War I Marines in a Trench, circa 1918 | History - Images, WWI | Pinterest | World War I, World war and Wwi
15 cm heavy field Howitzer 1902
World War I (1914–18)[edit]
THIS DAY IN WWI: JULY 16, 1916 - The Somme: Attack on Pozières. Pictured - Australian artillerymen load their heavy howitzer.
The Chief Constable of King's Lynn examining an unexploded bomb. WWI Ww1 Soldiers, Wwi
events, First World War / WWI, 1914 - 1918, Additional-Rights-
British troops on the march in France.
Le 11 mars 1918. 1914 1918World War ISandsWwiWorld ...
WW1: French artillerymen move a 95mm field gun. Just muscle and ropes.
YMCA and Red Cross WWI
Russian women workers, c. 1917
WWI, 1914; French naval fusiliers (Fusiliers Marins) in a Belgian town.
WWI. 1914-1918 - Fräulein Flieger
Attack areas in WW1.jpg
WWI French Artilleryman Grinding Coffee 1914 Rolled Canvas Art - Science Source (24 x 18
Cartes patriotiques guerre 14/18 : Militaires - Page 2 | Cartes Postales Anciennes sur CPArama